22 February 2010

Happiness makes one forget...

about things like blogs and keeping track of what's been cooked or enjoyed in the past few months. Blame it on finally finding a great job, or on the processes involved with planning a wedding, but whatever the case is I've been truly lax.

Something rather easy that is also super delicious is a roasted eggplant. I like it best as a side dish to something fish-like (panko-coated halibut or grilled shrimp or 1000 other options), or as a starter to spread on toast that's been rubbed with a garlic clove. It's so easy I am a bit embarrassed to post it here, but I had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to cook it so this represents a small victory in my life.

Roasted Eggplant

2 or 3 small Italian eggplants
2 teaspoons of kosher salt
6 or 8 teaspoons of good olive oil
2 or 3 sprigs of thyme

Slice eggplants in half, then score each half like you were crosshatching it (kind of like a tic-tac-toe board). Press on the skin side of the eggplant to open up the scoremarks a bit, then sprinkle a half a teaspoon of salt into the eggplant (try to get some salt into each of the scoremarks). Leave the salted eggplants out on the counter for 20 minutes. At the end of this time, squeeze the eggplants gently over the sink to get rid of excess moisture.

Preheat oven to 400.

Cover a cookie tray with aluminum foil. Pour a teaspoon of olive oil onto each cut side of the eggplant halves. Arrange thyme sprigs on cookie sheet, then place cut sides of eggplant down on top of the thyme sprigs. Put cookie sheet in oven and roast for 45 minutes or thereabouts.

Let cool a little bit before you eat this or spread it on garlic toast - it's going to be super hot. Enjoyable, but super hot.