05 February 2009

Sugar, Spice, and Everything's Alright

So this week all I can think about is sugar. It's weird and not cool - I really shouldn't eat sugar in large quantities. Today I gave in to myself in an effort to keep the sugar-filled visions at bay - had a donut for breakfast and a piece of chocolate mousse cake for lunch. Ugh. My stomach is in full-on revolt now but at least the craving seems to be at rest. I just hope that the rest will continue.

This week I made a recipe from another blogger's repertoire - Hollow Legs' Vietnamese Pork and Aubergine (eggplant to North Americans). It was delicious and easy and inexpensive and gluten-free, and it can be found here: http://lizzieeatslondon.blogspot.com/2008/11/vietnamese-spicy-pork-aubergine.html

I'm heading out to my folks' house tomorrow, and they've asked that I make a beef stew while I'm home. I'm thinking of something with red wine... and maybe I'll put a crust on the top of it to make it pot pie-ish. Winter is the best best best time for meat pies, just like summer is the best best best time for fruit pies. It's just a fact - dispute it if you dare.

And as for tonight, the bad-for-me food fest is continuing with Pub Night for Strongbow and wings. We go to the Bishop and the Belcher at Church and Bloor http://www.bishopandbelcher.com/ - haven't found any better in the city, and it has a complete genealogy of the British royal family and Trivial Pursuit cards on the tables. I can't think of better mealtime entertainment, personally.

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